A GOOD FEELING – Motion is the Potion

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You know when you sometimes have the worst day ever and the more you try to fix things the more difficult it gets? My strategy is always to go to bed early and start again the next day as if nothing had gone wrong with the previous one! Sometimes I need a little booster so this morning I took a walk in the woods. When I first started, the sky was dark blue and the cherry wood trees seemed very  menacing.

2.oThen things lightened a bit and I saw the clouds dispersing

3VI noticed the frosted ajuga (bugleweed) glistening on the ground and thought “wow that’s beautiful. Too bad Im not longer a couturier, it would make a fantastic embroidery”


4VAnd then I noticed how beautiful the bark was on a large pine tree.


5VI headed into a clearing.


6VThe leaves still had frost on them despite the sun that was rising,


7Vso I walked on past trees into another clearing,


8past the dried and frosted vegetation.


9VBy the hill where the sheep were grazing,


10VI stopped to say hello to some shorn sheep and a ram.  Then I went home and started my day. – VLR



  1. Guedj Madeleine

    Dear Vincent,
    Your place sounds like a dream and your advice is meaningful. Only Nature can give us the energy to start a new day , peacefully and beautifully. Thanks for your advice as we can always find a wonderful place even in the middle of the city!

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