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Birds are amazing. I mean, THEY CAN FLY!  So we humans have been obsessed with them for centuries. There are lots of birds around my house in the country (and bird-watchers) and I still find them so fascinating that I have a few bird design elements inside the house as well.

Take a look at the ones above (my cat still is waiting for them to move so he can chase them). They make a nice addition to the Arik Levy candle/vase sculpture on my dining table. If you don’t have a lot of birds where you live, you can always bring some bird style home as well. Below are a few examples of things that are beautifully birds.

I have been coveting the gorgeous light fixture above by Atelier Areti. I want two of them (one at the top and the other at the bottom) for the little staircase that goes up to my attic office. They are custom made in the UK.

Fornasetti’s Uccelli (birds) pattern from Cole & Son is available in the US from Wallpaper Direct.


A pair of fabulously fancy parrot candlesticks are at GalleryGreenGold on Etsy.


From John Derian, the master of decoupage, this pencil tray with swallows is a triumph of grace and beauty.

This owl plate is earthenware glazed with porcelain (beautiful and functional) and hand made by Astier de Villate with original art by Don Carney of Patch NY.

How about a small, wooden mallard duck on your coffee table to remind you of nature?. Get it at Crate and Barrel.


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  1. Madeleine Guedj

    Love these 2 birds light fixtures. Would love to have them somewhere in my apartment. Need to find a place for them…

  2. Emily

    Birds are such beautiful creatures, and their incorporation into decor seems like a wonderful way of bringing a little piece of nature into your home. I especially love the wall paper! Its really gorgeous! 🙂

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