A GOOD FEELING – Assouline Publishes Another Gorgeous Book!

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While I was in college (FIDM), I worked part time in a flower shop in Beverly Hills. It was one of the best jobs that I ever had. It seemed that being around flowers made people happy. I was taught by the owner how to arrange flowers and on the weekends I was the delivery person, which meant that I was literally “giving” people flowers all day long. It was exhilarating!

At our last trade show (NY NOW, which is a must for every retailer in the U.S.) the cover of a book about flowers caught my eye. During the slow spots in the show I went across the aisle and took a peek inside (I asked permission first!). I found the the book FLOWERS – Art & Bouquets by Sixtine Dubly covers so much more than I thought. From fine art to fashion, home decor to horticulture, and then on to the culinary arts, this book is a homage to flowers in all forms that have inspired since their first blooms on earth.

The book is by Assouline, the go to publisher for all things beautiful and luxurious. My suggestion is that you go to their website as it is the absolute best that I have ever seen for buying books. They are very generous in showing you multiple photos of the inside of their creations (both inspiring and practical at the same time). Below is look at some of the amazing pictures inside. The books sells for $85.00. -VLR

FLOWERS Art & Bouquets by Sixtine Dubly at Assouline books

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  1. Madeleine Guedj

    What a dream…so many beautiful flowers that are so inspiring…Theur books are so gorgeous !


    Fabulous book; will certainly be tracking it down. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  3. Sarah

    Flowers are just mother nature showing us true design!
    But these interprétations are stunning!

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