NATURAL INSPIRATION – Farrow & Ball’s new colors by nature.

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Lovers of Farrow & Ball paints now have a new reason to be excited; F&B has just introduced a fresh paint color introduction inspired by nature. The new pallet is called Colour By Nature in partnership with the Natural History Museum and comes in 16 eco-friendly water based shades.

In 1814, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colors first appeared. This classification of color in nature was used heavily by scientists and artists the time and Werner himself once aided a young Charles Darwin on one of his historic research voyages. The book itself resides in the Natural History Museum‘s rare book library. Take a look below at these gorgeous natural shades. Follow the links (above) for more info! All pictures are by F&B. – VLR

Here is the color chart of the 16 beautiful shades. If any one of these interests you, be sure to get a sample from F&B as virtual reality (the internet) can distort colors sometimes!
This soft Ash Grey color is perfect for creating a mood and still staying completely neutral.
Broccoli Brown is the softest tan color with a hint of green in the shadows – delicious!
Look at the amazing shadow-to-highlight range in Lake Red.
Deep Reddish Brown is natural looking but definitely adds impact to a room.
The hue of Scotch Blue has some gray in it which tones down the typical effect of an intense blue color.
Let’s see… moody, mysterious, enveloping; that pretty much sums up this sumptuous Duck Green color!

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