NICE & NOURISH – 5 Halloween treat recipes.

Here are some treats (and a few tricks) that will make your Halloween holiday superb. For last minute, you can use store bought goodies and decorate. HAPPY HALLOWEEN – VLR
or those of you that are not great at cooking (like me) here’s a recipe for the PERFECT PUMKIN PIE from Once Upon a Chef Jenn Segal.
These SPOOKY BAT COOKIES are pretty cute and pretty simple. From Jenny Steffens Home
Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies but Halloween spooks love CANDY EYEBALL COOKIES even more! From SK Galeana.
Wrap it up with these (so much fun) Mini Mummy Cakes from Better Homes & Gardens.
If you really want to impress then you have to go full on Martha (Stewart, that is). The diva of domestic bliss has a recipe for CARAMEL CHIFFON CAKE that will knock their spooky socks off!

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  1. Madeleine

    Since I left the US, I miss Thanksgiving spirit. I’m happy to find the pumpkin pie recipe to be able to make it at home…in France!

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