TALENTED PEOPLE – Jacqueline Schmidt at Screech Owl Design.

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Artist and designer Jacquline Schmidt is intelligent, talented and beautiful (Hey, I call it like I see it). What makes her an even greater person is that she is also sweet and funny! I know because I have been seeing her at different gift shows for years and every time we speak her dry humor gives me a good laugh!

Let’s talk about the talented part. In 2007 Jacquline founded Screech Owl Design. The company specializes in stationary, prints, notebooks, wallpaper and cards. The themes are heavily inspired by nature (mostly animals) and have a wonderful whimsical sensibility. Honestly, I want to live in her wonderful imaginary world. See some of her creations below and follow the lines (in bold) to see more. – VLR

Looks like the birds are going on vacation!
Here’s a nice fox with some wallpaper in the back. Most of the cards are blank inside so you can write anything that you like.
It’s a perfect world where kitties and birds get along.
A lovely wallpaper called Dearest
This is may favorite wallpaper, and of course it’s called Birds.
How chic is this design! All of Jacquline’s wallpapers are self adhesive and can be readjusted if necessary (I told you she was smart!)
Here’s the gal herself!. When you buy from people like Jacqueline, you are supporting small businesses and keeping artistis and artisans alive. It’s a great thing to do!

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