A GOOD FEELING – John Derian’s Glorious Holiday Ornaments.

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The amazing pickle tree (it’s really a combination of pickles and cucumbers) which is John’s favorite ornament. Since green is my color, it’s my favorite ornament too.

I remember as a young child that we had very few ornaments on our holiday tree. However, each year as the years progressed, my mother would bring home a new box of holiday ornaments. Oh the wonder when we would see what she had brought; dancing ladies, birds, teapots, sputnik stars, it was always something marvelous (she had excellent taste). This is the kind of family event that makes the holidays meaningful.

Every year there’s a holiday happening at the (already “happening”) John Derian Boutique in New York City. The entire space is turned into a holiday wonderland, full to the brim with the most beautiful, quirky (and compellingly strange) ornaments that I have ever seen. These are collectible, keepsake beauties that will want to be cherished forever.

As I have worked with John and his team on different projects, I was allowed to photograph the wonderment in person. Here are some of the highlights (there was so much folks, this is the best that I could do). Wherever possible I have included actual ornaments, but they do sell quickly so if you see something in one of the photos, you can always call the store and see if they can send it to you. Follow the links in bold. Happy beginning of the holidays! -VLR

Pickles and cucumbers on the holiday pickle tree.
John Derian’s favorite ornament; The humble pickle. Interesting alone, marvelous with many. Handblown in Germany, this Small Pickle is $8.00 More pickles and cucumbers HERE
Everyone needs Unicorns in their life, especially during the holiday season.
The toadstool tree is… magical. Mushrooms and toadstools HERE
Here’s a cuter than cute Gnome On His Toadstool. He can be yours for $42.00
Here’s a happy snow people trio. I couldn’t fine them online so if you love them, you may have to call the store (the team is a dream and so very helpful).
A chic Silver Gray Snowperson He sells for $22.00
Unicorns cluster around the shelves of beautiful tabletop items and dishes.
This striking Brown Unicorn is hand blown in Germany and sells for $52.00
What’s better than a plate full of Turtles?
Look at these sweet monkeys! It looks like there is one Beautiful Blue Monkey left online. It sells for $28.00
Under the sea, lots of fun for you and me. Find fish HERE
This Multicolor Fish Ornament is simply a beauty! It sells for $50.00 and is 4.5×2.5 inches. What a catch!
Faces peer out as if from a Curiosity Shop somewhere on a remote side street.
The demon mask is certainly intimidating (at least the Santa on the left thinks so (He’s like “I’m minding my own business”)
This ornament is called a Krampus Head and is available (to frighten your visitors as they marvel at how beautiful your tree is) for $38.00
Santa seems to be having an intense conversation with a cardinal.
This extraordinary Cardinal Tree Topper is 9.5 x 17 inches and sells for $186.00
Bugs And Insects swarm (I mean decorate) this tree.
A beautiful Multi Colored Bug clip ornament sells for $40.00
Birds clipped to a chandelier – What a wonderful holiday idea. The bird ornaments are the favorite of Greg at John Derian.
A delicate Bird in Nest ornament sells for $40.00
Hanging all about the store (besides shoppers snapping up beauties) are the most beautiful Garlands that I have ever seen.
Yes they are among us , even at holiday time. Seriously, this beautiful Alien Head Ornament is $30.00 and also available in silver and a space green!

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  1. Peter Lione

    Those garlands are amazing…partial to the mushrooms and love the Krampus ornament!

  2. Sarah

    The cardinal tree topper is absolutely gorgeous!!! And the bird in the nest, pickles and mushrooms are all divine too!
    Great photos too!

  3. Madeleine

    I love the pickles tree…so unusual and beautiful ! I wish I were in NYC to buy some of them…

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