TALENTED PEOPLE – Christophe Pourny and Jason Jobson at Christophe Pourny Ltd. Studio.

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This gorgeous farm table has been lovingly restored by the team of artisans at CP LTD. Christophe himself, was born and raised in Southern France (Lucky devil), then moved to Paris to be involved in the family Antique business. 20 years ago he made the move to the U.S. and set up shop.

I have always lived by the motto “The more you maintain, the more you gain”. Think about it, your friends, your body, your spiritual and physical health, these are all important aspects of life that do require maintenance but that are well worth the time and effort.

Now there is a wonderful line of natural, non-toxic furniture, wood, and leather care (as well as amazing home accessories) that can keep that portion of your life in complete control. What could be better? You might be thinking “someone to do it all for me”! But wait, Christophe and Jason at Christophe Pourny Ltd. have made it all so very lux and easy. Each item (from scented paste wax to cutting board tonic) is clearly labeled and has directions right on the back so you know exactly how to use it.

Recently I visited their brand New Boutique / Atelier in Brooklyn at Industry City ( A must visit complex!), and felt like I had stepped back in time to my former years in Paris (Think French Furniture Apothecary). The full story is below with beautiful pictures of their products and their amazing space. Don’t forget to follow the links in bold for more info and surprises! -VLR

From Left to right: 1 -Christophe on the right and Jason on the left (who joined the studio in 2010 after working with French and Italian luxury brands). 2- A French Bombee Chest that is custom made in their studio. 3 – The pair created a Whole New Line of tonics, creams, serums and waxes for wood and leather now sold around the world. 4- Close up: The Furniture Bible, Christophe’s best selling book for all who love furniture.
A superb Straw Marquetry Table. CP studio also specializes in Straw Marquetry, whether screens, tables or cabinets, everything is a possibility.
A close-up of the farm table above. Furniture is restored and revived but keeps its original character.
The boutique / store has an updated traditional feel about it. Stock is displayed in an easy old- fashioned country store way. No pretension, just great quality.
Look divinely French while doing your chores! Aprons and Market bags come in fantastic colors. Aprons are $65.00.
Samples of the beautiful finishes that can be achieved adorn the boutique walls of the store.
Products displayed on the shelves give a feeling of a Furniture Apothecary. All of these products are hand made and mixed in small batches right in the CP Studio in Brooklyn.
Here, a first hand example of the miraculous transformation just by using their CP Leather Serum (I use it and the Leather Cream on my car upholstery!)
These rustic Savon de Marseille Soaps come in 7 different fragrances. I use them to remove stains in laundry as they are completely natural and made using time honored traditional methods.
Call out to all interior designers! These Note Cards (illustrations from the Furniture Bible) and perfect for amusing (and educating) friends and clients. $26.00 for 10 Cards.
A selection of products from left to right. 1 Leather Serum intensive treatment to revive leather $20.00. 2 Scented Fire Starters (the best idea ever, just place under kindling or newspaper and light – viola!) made with 100% organic wax $50.00. 3. Furniture Tonic Color Reviver to bring back the color on dark finishes $22.00 4. Cutting Board Tonic cleans, sanitizes and protects all at the same time $22.00 – genius!


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    Going to have to track down that Furniture Bible…… It is reassuring to know such teams of artisans still exist.

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