TALENTED PEOPLE – Karen at Artel Glass.

Karen Feldman is a nice girl from New York City, and, a force to be reckoned with! Since 1998 she has built the globally recognized (and venerated) crystal brand ARTEL , opened three retail store and authored an award-winning Prague travel guidebook.

I know Karen as a wonderful person who has talent, patience and persistence. I have followed her from the beginning of her journey creating (she does all of the designs herself) exquisite crystal glassware that is mouth blown and hand engraved by Czech artisans using centuries old production methods.

Karen’s designs are heavily inspired by nature so here below are a few of my personal favorites. Enjoy the beauty! -VLR.

Artel’s Jungle Deco Tumbler in azure blue. $257.00 each.
The Water Lillies Round Vase in clear crystal is like all Artel creations: magical. $410.00
Look at the workmanship! Artel’s Finch Double Old Fashioned Glass in mahogany and British racer green.
Email for pricing.
The Night Owl Vodka Liqueur Glass in grey. $86.00
The stunningly gorgeous yet whimsical Barnyard Collection. Email for pricing.
The lovely Narcissus Trinket Bowl in rose. 152.00

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    Thank you for bringing such exquisite glassware to our attention; I’ll certainly be taking a look at Karen Feldman’s Artel site.

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