THE GIFT LIST – 36 Antique and Vintage Gift Ideas.

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Giving vintage and antique items as presents for the Holidays (or on any occasion) has so many advantages. First, you’re getting (or giving) a wonderful one of a kind piece. Secondly you are buying something that already exists (no impact on the environment). Thirdly, you’re buying something that has a history (so romantic).

I could go on but suffice to say that vintage and antique items are quite often of a quality that no longer exists. They also show that you are a caring and thoughtful giver. Enough said, here are some great ideas for vintage and antique giving (Including the greatest go to source – Montage Antiques – that I have ever come across for great prices on antiques and vintage items). Happy Giving! -VLR

Montage Antiques is pretty much the go-to source for all of the super savvy antique dealers and interior designers locally and across the U.S. Fortunately, they are just down the road from me! The prices are like getting a 50% discount on everything! Here a gorgeous English Pine Writing Table is a steal at $895.00. Call them directly at 860-485-3887 and they will make it happen!
As you already know (Because my followers are aware of what’s going on), Bamboo, wicker and rattan are so happening right now. This elegantly amazing Faux Bamboo Chandelier is from David Duncan Antiques and sells for $12,000.00
The stunning printed fabric (handmade in Venice since 1907) on this cushion is by the famous Fortuny Studio. The Pair of Cushions sells for $1800.00 from David Duncan Antiques.
This gorgeous Frederick Weinberg Chair is a steal at $395.00. From Montage Antiques, call and they will make it happen.
These Floral Design Mottahedeh Plates (set of 8) are $195.00 at Montage Antiques (perfect for spring!).
This is one of a Pair of Mid-Century Leather Chairs (in the color-of-the-moment: Teal) A little Christophe Pourny Leather Serum will make them marvelous in a jiffy! The amazing pair sells for $2,475 and is at
Mix / Montage Antiques, the go to place for savvy interior designers and other antique dealers!
This stunning mid century Blue and Clear Art Glass Vase is like flowing water caught in glass. It sells for $220.00 (free shipping) at theVLR Shop on Etsy.
The incredible preciseness of the detail on this circa 1900 Camel Side Table is simply breathtaking. It sells for $14,000 at the incomparable David Duncan Antiques.
This Black Forest Wooden Bird Bowl (Germany 1900s) is available at John Derian (Where else would you expect to find such a treasure). It sells for $575.00
Let there be light! These gorgeous collectible candlesticks are all available at theVLR Shop. From left to right: Antique Venetian Hand Blown -$320.00, Rare Orange Color Coated -$189.00, 19thc Dutch Gothic Revival $165.00, and finally, 1920’s Smokey Dark Blue – $110.00
One of the most unusual and beautiful chairs that I have ever seen (a trifecta of bentwood, mid-century and country styles), the set of 4 sells for $495.00 at the amazing Montage Antiques.
A great Pair of Down Pillows (check out that fringe) from the go-to source for savvy interior designers and other antique dealers, Montage Antiques sells for $95.00 the pair.
For a pop of (Limoncello) color in your life, get ahold of this Italian Vase from Montage Antiques for $75.00 (their prices are unbeatable).
A Murano Hand Blown Drinking Glass is $110.00 at theVLR Shop on Etsy. I have a green version of this that sits on a shelf in my bathroom and holds my toothbrush!
Here we have a monumental pair of 19th century Italian Gilded Candlesticks from the monumentally talented John Derian. They sell for $1,800.00
This tunning set of Holmgaard Wine Glasses makes the greatest gift. Get it from the pros at Montage Antiques, the secret source for savvy decorators. They sell for $175.00
A pair of solid brass Hollywood Regency Style Candle Sconces. These are from the 1930’s and are very difficult to find in such good condition (solid brass is soft so the tassels usually break off. I have also (very thoughtfully) included a solid brass Sun King hanger for them (Since you would have to use a nail that would show otherwise). They sell for $365.00 at theVLR Shop.
For the elegant person in your life, these Hollywood Regency Candlesticks are completely in the style of the great mid century designer Tommy Parzinger. They are $170.00 at theVLR Shop.
Antiquing can be so informative. Who knew that there were 12 Caesars in Roman History! Here they are:
Profile Portraits Mediallions of the 12 Caesars. They sell for $8,800.00 at David Duncan Antiques. BTW, ELLE Decor says “Classicisim is in for 2020”
Why just have coffee in the morning when you can have it in style! This Bronze Coffee Set is early (1950’s – the cups we’re modified in the “70’s versions) Primastone and very difficult to find in good condition (usually the glaze gets cracks in it). It is available for $150.00 (free shipping) at theVLR Shop.
A gorgeous Studio Pottery Piece from Montage Antiques. Their assortment is incredible. Call them for details.
Here is a beautiful Mid Century Black Bowl with Sterling Silver base. It looks spectacular with nothing in it or filled with fruit. It sells for $211.00 at theVLR Shop
For that stylish mid-century person, a pair of stylish Mid Century Danish Lacquered Hardwood Candlesticks. They are available at theVLR Shop on etsy and sell for $135.00
This Greek Key Design Wall Sconce is the ultimate in Classicism. Get the pair for 2,250.00 at David Duncan Antiques.
The elegant, modern lines of this Art Glass Vase are stunning. Get it at Montage Antiques for $68.00
Buy this 18th Century Pickling Jar #6 for someone who will (when spring arrives) fill them with bud blooms. $320.00 at John Derian.
A stunning Studio Vase from Montage sells for $125.00
This beautiful Vintage Rug Pillow #5 was chosen by the masterful eye of John Derian. Yours for $790.00
Classicism goes rose. This pair of heavy glass (feels like crystal) Rose Columns are stupendous just as they are or can be filled with the first spring blooms. $230.00 for the pair at theVLR Shop.
Supreme Classicism embodies these two Delicate Porcelain Urns. I found them at a flea market in the South of France. Made in Limoges, they sell for S110.00 at theVLR Shop.
Here we have a Marble Bust of a fine gentleman (#Lifegoals!). For the true Classicist, it is available at David Duncan Antiques.
If you love the Bust of a Fine Gentleman above, then you’ll want to get this French Vintage Sculpture Stand on which to put it (or anything else you like, or to use as an occasional table, or as a nightstand – you get the point). It’s from the Tasteful folks at Privet House and sells for $2,200.00
Once again, in the Classic genre, a Pair of Crystal Diamond Cut Hurricane Votives are $4,800.00 at David Duncan Antiques.
The ultimate in French chic is this 18th Century Table and almost anything would look great on it. It’s available from Privet House for $4,200.00

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    A fabulous set of suggestions for Christmas and beyond. All beautifully-crafted and very tasteful pieces from some clearly very interesting addresses. Thank you so much again!

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