LIVING WITH BOOKS in the country.

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Books, Books, I love books. Not just because of the pretty pictures and or wonderful stories inside but because of the tactile sensation of holding and reading a book. It can be very relaxing. I also love getting to the end (when something unexpected happens) and just re-reading some of the pages over again. Here are some great country places that incorporate books into the decor. At the end of the post, some great reads from GOODREADS.COM
The big windows, the low banquettes with soft pillows, a cozy loft, and… tons of books! HEAVEN, By
A luxury cabin with walls of books… count me in! Source: NEXTLUXURY.COM
This is just about perfection; a cozy bed nook with lots of books at arms reach (at least my long arms). You can rent this room at GALLOW GREEN LODGE.
The epitome of neoclassical chic. I love the way the books a stacked randomly. Source: NEXTLUXURY.COM
This is a dream; the stove, the barn, the outdoors coming in, a chaise longue and books of course! Source:NEXTLUXURY.COM
This might be a rendering ‘m not so sure about those books being fire safe!), but it’s awfully beautiful. Source: NEXTLUXURY.COM
This may be the coziest nook in Iceland! Photo Credit: Gyrithe Lemche. Source: BOLIGMAGASINET.COM
Though this looks a bit staged, it can also be seen as a collection of some favorite books and a wonderful place to sit (that fireplace!). Source: NEXTLUXURY.COM
Got stairs?… get books! Source: NEXTLUXURY.COM
This is one of the best effects I’ve ever seen, a literal (or should I say “literary”). pyramid of books. Source: NEXTLUXURY.COM
Author and garden designer GEORGE CARTER created and designed this library in an 1830’s barn at his home in Norfolk, England.

SURPRISE! – Here is a link to some “good reads”, all about living with books! CLICK HERE

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