Because of my love of the county and all things luxury (but practical!) I have called my site The Viable Luxury Ruralist – theVLR.com (also my initials -Vincent La Rouche) .

I live in my (formerly abandoned, now completely renovated) cottage in the Hudson Valley with my cat Mr Poopers and report on things that are interesting and luxurious in the country (sometimes it’s a walk in the woods!) I hope that you find the content useful and enjoyable -VLR



For almost 18 years, I was the Creative Director at LAFCO NEW YORK, where I spearheaded design and direction for the luxury brand including 5 retail stores (I was even nominated for a Rising Star Award from the Fashion Group International).


In my youth, after studying at FIDM, (I won a national contest and was given a full scholarship) I moved to Paris and stayed almost 20 years. I was able to work with some of the greats of the Haute Couture before starting my own couture business. It was a wonderful time that taught me about true luxury; the kind that comes with craftsmanship and quality.